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Welcome back to the Carlyle Sailing Association! The latest guidelines for our operations and events has been published at CSA and communicated in the Mark's of the Course articles. Please use your best judgement and be respectful of others when following these guidelines.

Whale of a Sail

Below is a message from the organizers. For more information on the Whale, please see the event page.

Dear CSA members & friends, 

We have received and reviewed many responses pertaining to CSA’s 50th annual Whale-of-a-Sail Regatta.  In light of this we are announcing modification to this September’s event. 

These include:

  1. The Whale will NOT be providing meals. 
  2. The Whale will NOT be providing drinks. 
  3. The Whale will provide up to 6 high quality races and seriously cool trophies; and a few surprises!!!!
  4. In the spirit of still holding a meaningful and fun racing event, we believe the following can safely take place:
    • We are asking fleets to take on the tasks of hosting your sailors in whatever capacity you’re comfortable with. 
    • At the Saturday morning skipper’s meeting, please wear masks. 
    • Please press everyone to register on line early so we can minimize registration gatherings. 
    • Gatherings in the Observation Building will not be permitted, unless inclement weather requires this. 
    • Please abide by all safety precautions regarding sanitizing, distancing and social contacts. 
    • There’s no reason with proper precautions we can’t hold a great racing event. 

The NOR, CSA’s Whale information on the website and the online registration have all been updated.  Please, register as soon as possible. Thank you so very much and we’ll see you next month. 

Whale Organizers
Scott Stevenson
Tommy Paoli
Rick Bernstein

What is CSA?

Founded in 1971, Carlyle Sailing Association is a not-for-profit sailing organization located just an hour east of Saint Louis, Missouri, on Carlyle Lake in Southern Illinois. With some of the finest sailing facilities in Midwest, we are a friendly, family-oriented, volunteer association dedicated to the sport of sailing. CSA has a number of active one-design fleets, as well as boats for rent. We have events year-round, including weekly races, regattas, parties, and sailing lessons.

Our harbor is situated on Carlyle Lake: a 26,000 acre, man-made lake; approximately 8 miles long and 3 miles wide. It is the largest lake in Illinois and enjoys a well-deserved reputation as one of the best sailing lakes in the Midwest and the Saint Louis area.

We are a friendly, family-oriented, volunteer association dedicated to the sport of sailing. Whether you're into competitive racing or just chilling out, CSA offers something for everyone!

Get Into Sailing!

Sailing is many things...

  • It’s fun, family, outdoors, new friendships...
  • It’s exciting, challenging. It’s the thrill of the wind moving the boat across the water...
  • It’s calming and serene. It’s an escape from the rigors of daily life.

Don't know how to sail but want to give it a try? From sailing lessons to ride-alongs, find out about all the ways you can get out on the water!

Event Calendar

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Where is CSA?

Find us at N 38°38'32.56", W 89°20'33.31".
An easy 60 minute drive from Saint Louis, Belleville or Edwardsville in Southern Illinois.

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Give us a call at (314) 325-9283 or send us a message.

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