San Juan 21

Fleet 48

Carlyle Lake IL

The San Juan 21 was the Clark Boats answer to the growing crowd of “small” trailerable day/weekend sailing boats being offered in the late 1960’s and early 70’s. The San Juan 21 is an excellent weekend cruising boat for a young family AND can be raced competitively as a one design class with or without a spinnaker. There were about 2700 built between 1970 and 1984 in three designs. All designs shared the same hull but the MK I has a step down deck and the MK II and MK III have flush decks. The difference between the II and III is interior space utilization. The boats today can be found in all parts of the country from $500 for real fixer uppers to $5000 for first-rate race ready. The solid hand laid hulls show no signs of weakness but the balsa cored deck if not maintained will show signs of water infiltration and rot. Fixing the rotted balsa is usually the bulk of the work in fixing up a boat in need of TLC. Not difficult work and well within the skill level of even the greenest of fiberglass repair specialists.

With fleets scattered all over the US the San Juan 21 still has a very active class association that holds three regional championship regattas each year along with a North American Championship that travels from region to region annually. Locally, the Carlyle fleet has been active since the early 1980’s with boats numbering from 5 to 15 over the years. Fleet 48 hosts its own fleet regatta each year the weekend after July 4th and hosted the Eastern Region Championship in 2001. We race on Sundays with the one-design boats and maintain a close relationship with the CSA Cabin Fleet. Hopefully, a “spec” boat will be maintained at the lake this year for those interested. Otherwise, fleet members are always ready and willing to take prospective sailors for a ride.

For more information contact Calvin Guthrie at or 618-910-2164.