E-Scow Fleet

Sailing on Lake Carlyle, Illinois

E-Scow National Home Site

Pictures from 2004 Whale of a Sail (click for more pictures)

E-Scows are light displacement high perfomance, monohull boats that are usually crewed by three or four people.

The E-Scow Fleet's major event is the Silver Cup Regatta that is usually held the first week of October at CSA. The fleet participates in a regional championship in July, an event that moves around the Midwest. The final national championship is in August and can be held as far away as New York or New Jersey.

The Fleet would like to have more boats and sailors. If anyone is interested in learning about E-Scows, the fleet is willing to make arrangements for a boat and crew for the uninitiated.

The E-Scow fleet has at least three social events during the summer, capped off by the brownie bakeoff that happens on the last sailing weekend of the year in late October.