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For information about Flying Scot fleet 83, contact fleet captain 
Eric Sutton at

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FnS how-to guide
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North Sails tuning
Gus sails tuning

Dieball Sails tuning

USAC forecast HERE

The Lakewatch
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Lot's of lake stats HERE.
(Current levels, forecasts)

Click HERE for a map showing approximate elevations
in rows G and H

Hot regattas...

Here are the hot tickets for the 83rd traveling brigade, courtesy of John Cassada.

• Wife/Husband, FS Natn’l Event, Oct 1. Birmingham Sailing Club, Vincent, AL. Sept. 29-30.

Great Scot Regatta, Birmingham Sailing Club, Vincent, AL. Oct. 6-8

Hospice Regatta, Western Carolina Sailing Club, Lake Hartwell/Anderson, SC. Oct. 13-15.

FS Open House Regatta, Corinthian Sailing Club, White Rock Lake, Dallas, TX. Oct. 14-15.  

Fall 48, Lake Norman Yacht Club, Mooresville , NC. Nov 3-5.  

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Hot regattas for the Fleet 83 traveling brigade HERE

A great Scot could be yours...
Check out these boats for sale.

Scots' race duty... 
We have 4 RC duty dates and 5 people are needed for each date.  SIGN UP FOR RACE DUTY HERE.

Links to photos and a video, results HERE     

Fleet 83 traveling brigade on-the-road results

Want see what sailing a Scot is like?
Take a ride with Bronson and Rachel

Watch the video from their Texas adventure HERE

In memory of giants...

Ted Beier, 1939-2023

“…a friend and father figure and advisor for thousands over the decades. He was a CSA engineer, he was race committee management, he was our Professional Race Officer who trained hundreds of sailors how to run races; Ted was a teacher, a mentor, our government rela tions liaison, Ted was a fixer, and had a passion for CSA unmatched, and this never wavered even as he was well into his 80’s.” – Rick Bernstein

Linda Vitt, 1968-2023

A true champion of CSA. Always ready with a smile and lot's of enthusiasm and energy.
She made things happen. We were all better off because of her.

Greg Vitt, John Woodworth, Jim Harris and E. Paul Moore, Jr

On Saturday, June 19, 2021, a glider was dedicated to the memory of Greg Vitt, John Woodworth, Jim Harris and E. Paul Moore, Jr. Scot sailors all, very much a part of CSA. 

Read Peg Woodworth’s words of dedication HERE. These four giants represent a total of 120 years of service to CSA and the Flying Scot fleet.    

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