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Crew Days and Social

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This is an opportunity for  prospective members, newer members, and inexperienced crew members to learn about how to crew for boats in the sponsoring fleet. The fleet members will familiarize those attending with their type of boat.   Each date focuses on a different type of sailboat.  The sponsoring fleet will also include a social event in the day's activities. This will provide some fun and an opportunity to get to know others in the club.

Sponsoring fleets are:
  • June 1 Scows and Lightnings
  • August 3: Catamarans
  • September 7: Flying Scots
  • October 5: San Juans & Cabin Boats

Please select the date or dates you would like to attend.

Members who wish to help with the event may sign up in that category.

Upcoming events

  • No upcoming events
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