The Carlyle Sailing Association offers a wonderful world of sailing -- from casual daysailing to serious racing, instructions for adults and juniors and lots of great on-shore social activities.

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The Carlyle Sailing Association has what you're looking for if it's sailing near St. Louis, sailing in Illinois, sailing near Belleville, sailing near Edwardsville, sailing near Collinsville, sailing near Scott Airforce base ( AFB). Or perhaps you are seeking sailing lessons near St. Louis, sailing lessons in St. Louis, sailing lessons in Illinois, Or maybe you want to learn to sail near St. Louis or learn to sail in St. Louis or learn to sail in Illinois. Check out the great sailing at CSA. Our popular fleets include Lightning, E-scow, Flying Scot, Melges, Comet, Catalina, San Juan and more. There are great opportunities for sailboat racing and daysailing, plus great on-shore facilities. There are also several learn to sail programs for adults and kids.    Find out more

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Boat Yard Looking for a boat, but not sure what is right for you? Check out our buying guide. Then check our classifieds.

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for rent

Mary and Joe Bartman are now in Florida aboard Draco, a 36 foot Islander, heading for points unknown. Mary says they will keep sailing her until they run out of wind. 

For a more compete telling of their adventures, follow Mary’s blog HERE.

Lots of pictures HERE

Are you ready to sail? Check us out

The Carlyle Sailing Association offers a sailboat rental program. The boats can be rented by qualified skippers for half or full days (i.e., 9:00am to 5:00pm) on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.  The boats are also available Monday through Thursday by appointment.  Reservations are encouraged, but not required. Contact Harbormaster Bob Winston to reserve - 618-594-3622

Please see the RENTAL AGREEMENT for more information.

Championship of Champions - TBD

FnS Egyptian Cup / Midwest Dist - Sept. 5, 6 - More info

Whale of a Sail - September 12 and 13

Cats’ Muddy Waters - October 2 - 4

Regatta calendar

CSA has boats for rent

Half off on a first-year CSA membership

Starting in 2015, first-time members will receive a discount of $400 off a first-year regular membership. This offer is good for any who have never belonged to CSA.

Details on the CSA membership application

Flying Scots

Egyptian Cup &
Midwest Districts

Sept. 4 - 6

NOR   SIs    Registration & info

  1. Hobie Wave (a 15-foot catamaran)

  2. Capri 16 (a 16-foot day sailor)

  3. Flying Scot (19-foot, racing or day-sailing.)

Hare and Hound races

Next race is
September 19

For details and results ...
Racing page 

Hare & Hound flyer HERE

Catamaran Regatta

October 3-4, 2015

The Whale approaches!

September 11 - 13, 2015
CSA invites all sailors to participate
in the 45th annual
Whale of a Sail Regatta.

A great weekend of sailing and entertainment has been planned for your enjoyment and relaxation. Two days of sailing, up to seven races to be held for the sailing classes, friendly racing competition, Saturday night buffet, music and multimedia Saturday, breakfast Saturday and Sunday, refreshments all weekend!!

All events will take place at Carlyle Sailing Association.

Questions – Call Tom Wyman at (314) 753-9183, email:

REGISTER NOW!   -    Notice of Regatta     -     Registration form

Lots of people are contacting us wanting to sail. To meet this demand, we have come up with what is basically a reverse crew list, called "Give-a-ride".  

We will soon post a listing which will allow anyone interested in sailing to find skippers willing to give a ride. By filling
out THIS FORM, you can offer to give prospective sailors a ride. Under additional comments you can state if you want to day sail, race, give lessons, etc.  Be aware that NO money can change hands in this program.

Share the joy of sailing!  It will help prospective sailors. It will help you. It will help CSA.    SIGN UP NOW

CSA members: Sign up for Give-a-ride

August Marks of the Course - HERE

Land Ho!

We’re back!. The lake level is down and the parking lot is dry.
Time to get back in gear and get sailing.

Install RaceQ on your phone, fire it up at the start of the race and when it’s all over, compare your performance with others who have RaceQ running.

All data gets loaded to the raceQ site and is available after the fact for lots of analysis.

Check it out!


Want to sail? Don’t have a boat or experience?

Check out CSA’s find-a-ride list HERE