Here is how it works

Find friends who might be interested in sailing. Then,
fill out the recruiting form with their names and other information.

That's all you have to do to register your recruit and enter the contest.  Work to introduce the prospect to CSA and either sign up the prospect as a primary or associate member or simply refer that prospect to a CSA Host and let them help you. 

Also, if a new member lists your name on his or her application form, that counts as an entry too.

If the prospect joins CSA, and you were the “finder,” you will get credit.

Please be sure to let one of our CSA Hosts know about the potential new member so they can follow up and help you win.

Our Hosts are: Dave Leimbach, Bronson Bowling, David Crosby, Dave Waugh and Bob Winston

For each new associate member recruited, we will award one point to the referring CSA member. Two points will be awarded for each primary member referred by a CSA member.

Points are only for those two levels. At the end of August, we will determine who has the most points. The winner can then choose 2 scholarships for either the Adult Sail Seminar or Junior Sail Camp.

The winner can also choose to gift the prize.

The contest starts today!   

Got questions? Contact Mike Pitzer.

CSA needs YOU

We are again making an all-out effort to improve CSA and what it offers as a sailing experience and as a gathering place for family and friends.

We have already expanded the ways to enjoy CSA by connecting our members to swimming pool access, allowing dogs at CSA and camping on our grounds!

We are also continuing to upgrade the gathering place (our OB) to provide an even more relaxing environment. And, we are working on possible additions of a deck and new children’s playground area nearby.

However, like most organizations, members come and go. Our goal is always to recruit new members every year. For 2018, we are determined to continue to grow our membership.

Our two top membership levels are the boat-owning primary members and the associate members. These are the folks we want to bring in to CSA. But, YOU have always been our most important recruiter. So please re-double your effort this year.

YOU can bring neighbors, co-workers, and acquaintances to a CSA event or just for a Sunday sail. YOU can talk about CSA on Facebook or Twitter. YOU can send people to our website. YOU can connect prospects to our host members (listed at left) who can arrange a sail or tour of CSA. YOU can share the fun and unique experience of CSA with everyone you meet! Please help us reach YOUR goal this year because we can’t do it without YOU.

Don’t hesitate to call any Board member to connect a prospect with CSA.

-- Mike Pitzer

Win 2 scholarships to either the
Adult Sail Seminar or Junior Sail Camp

for rent

Boat Yard Looking for a boat, but not sure what is right for you? Check out our buying guide. Then check our classifieds.

Sailboat Primer


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Membership Application

The person who brings in the most new primary and/or associate members gets to choose from these two great prizes. Already know how to sail? Either of these scholarships would make a great gift.

Find out more about Adult Sail Seminar and Junior Sail Camp

There’s more! In addition to the scholarship award, there will be a drawing for a fabulous brunch for four.

But wait! There’s more!

In addition to the scholarships, there will also be a drawing from among all those who bring in new members. That winner will get a brunch for four at
The Cafe Madeline at the Piper Palm House.

You will be in the running ...

If a new member references you on the member application form.


If you submit a prospect’s name on THIS FORM and that person becomes a primary or associate member.

Here is the paper version of the form

If you don’t see the PDF of the form, check your “downloads” folder. Some browsers don’t indicate they have captured a file.