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Membership Application

Joining CSA is easy! Just 3 steps.

Below are the three easy steps to become a new CSA member.  After clicking on any of the links below, please come back to this page and make sure you complete all three steps!

Please note, this form is for NEW memberships only.
Renewals must use the traditional paper form.

Step 1

Register by filling in the registration form
and then return to this page

Step 2

Pay for your membership by choosing the appropriate membership type below.

NEW Primary
Member - BYOB

NEW Primary
Member - Lease

NEW Associate

NEW Junior

NEW Friend

You are a first-time new member, own your boat, you
want to store it
mast-up at CSA, and you want to launch at will.

You lease an assigned club boat for the entire season.
If you would like to try this for just 3 months, the price is $800

You rent a club boat by the day or
half day. 5 half-day rentals are included. Season storage for paddleboard or kayak.

You are a student and own a Bic, Opti, Laser or similar and store it mast-up
at CSA

You don’t own a boat but you want to
hang out at CSA.




With these membership types...

  1. You are invited to participate in all CSA social events and club activities.

  2. You receive CSA’s email list updates

  3. With a Full Corporate, Associate or Junior membership, you may use all facilities at CSA.

  4. With a Friend membership, you may use all non-marine facilities

Step 3

Go to the club, pick up your membership package, sign the paper form with all the legalese,
fine print, rules and regs, bylaws, and the lot, then GO SAILING!

The displayed membership fees are first year fees, and renewal rates may depend on volunteer hours worked.  To have your boat launched at CSA you need proof of current liability insurance and a current state registration.

See our handbook for more details,

Got more than one boat? When you arrive at CSA, please talk to the harbormaster. Additional fees may apply.

Prefer a paper-based application? Click here

Now that you have signed up, do you like to camp?

If you have a Primary or Associate membership, you can camp at CSA for FREE.

To get your camping pass, click the button

Please complete ALL three steps.

Primary and associate members can now take advantage of the new 3-hour introductory sailing course.

Primary and associate members also get discounted tuition to the Adult Sail Seminar.

The offers on this page are for
NEW member
applications only


If you are renewing an existing membership, please go to the
Renewal page