How secure are YOUR tie-downs?

Winds topped out in excess of 80 mph, 3pm, 5/11.

Is Carlyle Lake important to you? Do you care about facilities, water quality, lake levels?

If so, you should consider joining CLA. The cost is just $10 per year. Your support will help keep Carlyle Lake as the best inland sailing lake in the country.

Learn more about CLA. Click here.

Carlyle Lake Association

Lots of people are contacting us wanting to sail. To meet this demand, we have come up with what is basically a reverse crew list, called "Give-a-ride".  

By filling out THIS FORM, you can offer to give prospective sailors a ride. Under additional comments you can state if you want to day sail, race, give lessons, etc.  Be aware that NO money can change hands in this program.

Share the joy of sailing!  It will help prospective sailors. It will help you. It will help CSA.    SIGN UP NOW

CSA members: Sign up for Give-a-ride

Is your IDNR watercraft registration up to date?

IDNR no longer sends our renewal notices. So, check to be sure you are up to date.

You can register your boat or renew online HERE.

Got questions? Call IDNR at 217 557-0180

VERY local weather. This new Weather Underground personal weather station recently went online.
It is located in Marydale, not far from CSA.
Here is the link.

We have two different pages, each with a special purpose.

The Facebook Group (GROUP LINK) is an ideal spot for members and friends to chat about sailing, post funny stories and clever comebacks. Almost anyone can join. Membership in the group does not require membership in the club. In addition, all posts are public. Soon, we’ll add two additional groups, one for Adult Sail students and instructors and another one for Youth Sailing.

The Facebook PAGE (PAGE LINK) is primarily a marketing tool to help folks discover CSA.

How Can Members Use CSA’s Facebook presence?

This is what you can do as a CSA member:

1. LIKE the CSA Facebook Page.

2. JOIN the CSA Facebook Group.

3. POST your events, your sailing stories and great club memories as well as your photos to the Group.

4. When you see a post that you like, SHARE it to your timeline so your not-yet-sailing friends can get an idea how fun this is!

Get engaged with CSA
on Facebook.

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Boat Yard Looking for a boat, but not sure what is right for you? Check out our buying guide. Then check our classifieds.

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Let’s go camp at CSA!

This year, free camping on the CSA grounds is available to Primary and Associate members and guests.

To take advantage of this great benefit, go to the Camping page and fill out a simple form.

You will then be provided with your 2017 camping pass that will allow camping on the grounds.


If you had $1,000 to spend on CSA...

How would you spend it? That’s the question. Here’s your chance to do some wishful thinking for our association. Tell us what improvements you’d like to see to help make CSA even better -  HERE.

Need some inspiration? Check out what other CSA members have suggested BELOW

Introductory sailing course now available to members

New sailors can now benefit from a three-hour mini-course to learn sailing basics.

Experienced members willing to teach new sailors can earn credit toward next year’s dues.

For a low fee of $75, you can learn the basics of tacking, jibing, docking, beaching (for catamarans), right-of-way rules and more. You must be a CSA primary or associate member to take advantage of this offering.

Get more information about this program