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We are now offering a three-hour introductory sailing lesson utilizing our existing members who will be able to work off as much as their entire membership fee for the following year by giving sailing lessons.

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Students must read and agree to these Terms and Conditions. Please download, read, print and sign. You must bring this signed document with you to your lesson


At the end of this three hour lesson, you should be able to tack, jibe, dock, depart (or beach in the case of catamarans) and know the basic right-of-way rules.

After three hours, the instructor will step off of the boat and you will have time to practice what you just learned.

Associate Members can use one of your five free boat rentals.  All of these lessons will be on rental boats unless you own a boat and need a lesson on your boat.

At this time, the program is only for members at the very very low price of $75.00 per lesson. That’s by yourself, or you can arrange to share the cost with another member. No more than two students per lesson.

Want a bonus? Show up early and learn how to launch the boat properly.  This is something that you should know.

Bring your own life jackets, water, sunscreen, etc.

If you are interested in signing up for this program click here. We can help you get connected with an instructor.

Experienced members – Share your love of sailing and work off your entire dues

Yes, you can get paid for teaching new sailors the basics on our rental boats or on their boat. You don't need to be certified as an instructor to teach this simple three -hour introductory lesson.

It is easy to qualify by applying HERE. You will learn the simple details of this program during this qualifying process. Prospective instructors will be notified when they have been approved.

For a three-hour lesson with up to two students you will be credited towards your membership dues. You can work off as much as your entire membership dues for the following year.  Then earn cash after that.


Connect with the program

The first step in the process is to apply to the program HERE. You will be contacted to set up your lesson.

Then, once you have applied and are ready to pay, you may do so by credit card via PayPal. If you would like to wait until your lesson date is confirmed, please come back to this page to pay. Payment must be received before the lesson is given.

By clicking the button below, you can pay the $75 fee using PayPal or bypass PayPal and pay directly through a credit card.

Ready for your lesson?

Once you have paid, print out a copy of your PayPal receipt and take it and signed copy of the Terms and Conditions with you to the lesson.