Don't have a boat? Want to race? Crewing for CSA skippers is a great opportunity to get involved in sailing. Click HERE - get on the list!

There are a number of ways you can learn to sail. Here are a few...

Volunteer to crew

Every year CSA holds the Adult Sailing Seminar. This is a three-day classroom and on-the-water course designed for those interested in getting into sailing, beginner and intermediate.

Classes are held in June, but get your reservation in early. Find out more HERE.

Adult Sailing Seminar

This week-long camp is designed for children, ages 10 to 16. Lot’s of great instruction and quality boat time. Find out more HERE.

Junior Sailing Camp

Each different type or class of boat will normally form a fleet. Boats in a fleet race against one another. Fleets also conduct a multitude of organized functions throughout the year, both during the sailing season and during the winter months. The real benefit of fleets is that they provide a great resource for learning how to sail.  Check out the Fleets page to get a sense of what we have to offer. See a type of boat that peaks your interest? Contact the fleet captain listed on the page. Likely he can connect you with a sailor who will be happy to share some sailing experience with you.

Connect with CSA’s fleets

CSA is fortunate to have five U.S. Sailing certified instructors.  For more information about learning to sail, please contact Dave Leimbach (

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