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Share the joy of sailing with your favorite crew
with a 2018 CSA associate gift membership

Below are the three easy steps to purchase a 2018 CSA associate membership for someone important to you.

Step 1

Register by filling in the registration form
and then return to this page

Step 2

Pay for the membership by clicking the PayPal button at right

if you have not already paid.

Please complete ALL three steps.

An associate membership in CSA is a great way to get started in sailing. Why not give your favorite crew or significant other something really special: a CSA associate membership?

Here’s what’s included: 5 half-day sailboat rentals, season storage for paddleboard or kayak, free camping, free pool pass and eligibility for the special 3-hour sailing lesson ($75 - see below.) Associate members also enjoy discounted tuition to the Adult Sail Seminar. This membership is a real bargain at just $150 for the 2018 sailing season.

Step 3

At the end of this three-hour lesson, the student should be able to tack, jibe, depart, dock (or beach in the case of catamarans) and know the basic right-of-way rules.  After three hours, the instructor will step off of the boat and there will be time to practice what was just learned. Associate Members can use one of their five free boat rentals.  All lessons will be on rental boats unless the student owns a boat and wants a lesson on that boat.

An associate or primary CSA membership is required for this lesson.

Details and signup on the Member Instruction page.

Want to make your gift extra special?

Sign up your recipient for 3 hours of hands-on sailing instruction