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Membership Application

Here is how it works:

All primary members and associate members who register will be provided a 2017 camping pass. 

You must be a paid-up Primary or Associate CSA
member to obtain a pass.

To register and receive your pass, click here or
the button at right and follow the simple instructions.

Once your application is complete your membership will be verified and you will be provided a laminated permit.  Bob Winston will have it at the harbormaster's office within one week.

When you get to CSA for a camping overnight, all you need to do is stop at the office and sign in on the camping clipboard that will be displayed next to the door.

Even if you are not a camper you can invite your friends to join you for special events at CSA. Bob Winston will be able to issue the temporary passes for those guests that are at the club for CSA events.

Invite everyone to join us for fun at CSA!

Questions? Contact Dave Leimbach, 314-960-7005

FREE camping for Primary and Associate CSA members as well as guests for special CSA events only.

  1. Seasonal camping passes are for Associate and Primary members. Guests of CSA events (regattas, Social events, etc.) can get temporary passes from the Harbormaster. If you feel that you have a special circumstance that is not within that guideline you can discuss it with Bob Winston or Dave Leimbach ahead of time for special consideration. 

  2. Sign up for your 2017 Seasonal camping pass HERE

  3. Sign clipboard hanging next to the harbormaster’s door once you have your season camping pass or get temporary passes.

  4. All tents must be kept in the area that has a northern boundary of the pavilion's northern concrete pad and extending south towards the lighthouse. Carts will be available in the cart corral to transport gear to your camping site. Please return them immediately. 

  5. Display camping pass clearly on the outside of your tent, boat or vehicle were you are sleeping in.

  6. Boats with cabins can be used as tents when on trailers in their designated parking space.

  7. A car or pickup truck utilizing a single vehicle foot print is considered a tent but should be parked on the car parking lot. 

  8. No hookups are provided

  9. You are encouraged to use the observation building during your stay and as shelter from storms but not as an overnight facility.

  10. These guidelines are in affect to help make camping at CSA safe and successful for all campers. Please abide willingly.