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  1. Women's Competition

  2. Learning to Sail

  3. One Design Racing

  4. Youth Sailing Program

  5. Big Regattas with Great Parties

  6. Cruising

  7. Good Friends

  8. Lots of Fun

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  1. Strawberry Daiquiri Regatta

  2. Adult Sail Seminar

  3. Association Races every Sunday

  4. Weekly races & Junior Sail Camp

  5. Leukemia Cup & Whale of a Sail

  6. Hare and Hound Saturday Races

  7. Visitors Day, Annual Luau

  8. Jimmy Buffet Party, Fleet Meetings

  9. Moonlight Sailing, Halloween Party

  10. Commodore's Banquet and Ball

Carlyle Lake

Developed by the US Army Corps of Engineers for the purpose of flood control and recreation, Carlyle Lake encompasses 26,000 acres of water, approximately 8 miles long and 3 miles wide.

Carlyle Lake enjoys a well-deserved reputation as one of the best sailing lakes in the Midwest.

The CSA property at Carlyle Lake adjoins the scenic Eldon Hazlet State Park with it's modern campground, wildlife refuges, and nature trails to provide additional recreational opportunities. The nearby communities of Carlyle and Keysport offer convenient shopping, golf, motels and restaurants. 

Member activities

CSA membership includes many sailing and non-sailing activities for the entire family throughout the year. Our tiniest toddlers enjoy our playground while adults are often found engaged in spirited racing, cruising on a day-sailing vessel, enjoying a moonlight sail or a picnic with friends or family at the pavilion, or relaxing in our air-conditioned clubhouse. Teenagers are seen racing the "Lasers" or in our training classroom honing their skills and having great fun with friends.

Excellent sailing

Since the association's founding in 1971, at least one national racing class has requested CSA to host its district, national or international regatta each year. In 1993 CSA hosted the USSA Championship of Champions Regatta for the second time. CSA was the site of the 1994 U.S. Olympic Festival, the primary development vehicle for the U. S. Olympic sailing teams, which drew over 4,000 spectators to Carlyle Lake. The Whale of a Sail held in September is one of the Mid-West's best multi-class regattas.

Competitive racing

CSA promotes an active racing program consisting of:

  1. One-design & handicap fleets

  2. Regional and national regattas

  3. Weekly association races

  4. Several short series

  5. Season Championship series

Association races are held on Sundays from May through October and are supplemented with fleet (class) regattas and other special events.

Youth sailing programs

Each summer the club hosts an affordable Junior Sailing Camp for youth ages 10 yr and up. Our girls and boys spend a week camping and learning basic sailing skills, boating safety and receive an introduction to sailboat racing.

Junior Sailors also participate in a weekly racing series as well as local, regional and national regattas.

Our younger "Opti" sailors receive additional training regularly each Sunday.

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What is the Carlyle Sailing Association?

Carlyle Sailing Association is a not-for profit sailing organization located just an hour east of St. Louis, with some of the finest sailing facilities in the Mid-West. We are a friendly, family oriented, wholly volunteer association dedicated to the sport of sailing. CSA offers an exceptional and inexpensive recreational value for all members.

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